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Only Available 3-4 and Up

KIEFFER - Large, late ripening (Sept. or Oct.). If allowed to fully ripen, this is a very fine pear. Can be wrapped and kept for a month or more. A favorite for preserves. Needs a pollinator.

PINEAPPLE PEAR - Large yellow fruit, blushed with red. Crisp flesh with unusual pineapple like flavor. Fine for canning, preserving and eating fresh. Good for the deep South. Requires 150 or less hours of chilling. Fire blight resistant. Self-fruitful, but sets heavier crop if a second variety is planted.

MOONGLOW - A 1960 U.S.D.A. introduction. Tree is a vigorous, upright grower and is resistant to fireblight. Fruit ripens in late August, has smooth texture, and is soft and juicy. A good pollinator.

THE ORIENT - This pear comes recommended being almost blight proof. A good bearer and fruit of fine quality. Trees make vigorous growth. Large fruit. We have seen one of these pears weigh 1 1/2 lbs. Ripens September.

AYRES - One of the highest quality pears that can be grown in the South, blight resistant, flesh almost free of grit cells. Needs pollinator.

20th CENTURY ASIAN PEAR - Also called APPLE-PEAR because of their similar texture and shape. Trees produce at an early age. Ripens about August 15.

- A medium to large Asian Pear. Juicy, sweet, fine grained flesh. Pollinate with 20th Century. Ripens early August.

- Discovered by T. O. Warren in Mississippi some years ago. Very sweet, juicy and smooth flesh. Fruit varies in size and shape, mostly medium size and long necked fruit. Ripens in our area about August 10th.

LE CONTE - Bell shaped, creamy yellow fruit with slight blush. Medium soft flesh. Vigorous, upright growing tree bears consistently. Fire blight resistant. Requires pollinator.