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TIFBLUE BLUEBERRY - Medium to large light blue, good quality berries. Vigorous upright plants that will hold up well until last berries are harvested. Early to mid season ripening. In Texas, they must be grown in containers if your soil ph is 6.5 or higher.



EVERSWEET - This everbearing variety will continue to produce well even when temperature exceeds 80F. Good size, sweet. Plant at close spacing (8X 8).



DORMANRED RASPBERRY - The only raspberry variety which will withstand the South's hot summer days. Very hardy and prolific vines. Fruit is about 1/2 inch diameter. Should be grown on a trellis.








BRISON - Large berries. Earliest ripening of the TAMU releases. Ripens about 1 week before Brazos. Adapted over a wide area. Earliest of all the berries we offer.

WOMACK - Smallest of the TAMU releases, but still a good sized fruit. Vines are hardy and erect. Appears to do best in Central and North Texas. Yields of 10,000 pounds per acre have been reported. Highly productive, seems to produce better in Northern Texas.

ROSBOROUGH - The most popular of the TAMU releases.Large size. Ripens just after Brazos. Disease resistant. Widely adapted throughout the state.


OUACHITA (PAT. #17162) - The newest thornless variety from the University of Arkansas. Large size berry, ripens between Arapaho and Apache. Sweet, and holds up well after harvest. Vines are vigorous.


NATCHEZ (PAT. #20891) - Thornless blackberry from the University of Arkansas. Firm sweet fruit, upright growth. Ripens after Arapaho.



KIOWA (PAT. #9861) - A recent blackberry release from the University of Arkansas. This upright, thorny blackberry produces fruit as much as 25% larger than the Brazos. This is the largest blackberry we are aware of. Limited supply.